Warming Center

SLO City
Prado Warming Center

Client check-in begins at 4:45 pm at 43 Prado Road.  

The Warming Center may be activated, depending on weather conditions. Call 211 or SLO Hotline at (805) 783-0607 for current information on Warming Stations throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Those needing shelter may arrive at any time during the evening; however, once someone leaves, they may not return that night. Pets ARE allowed. Smoking is allowed in the designating smoking area. Prado is a sobriety-based facility. Overnight guests will be provided a safe dry place to sleep and a hot meal.

While the Warming Center closes at 8am, clients may access regular Prado Day Center services beginning at 8:30am.

Donations of no-cook breakfast items are greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at 43 Prado Road, San Luis Obispo. For questions regarding donations, please call 805-786-0617

The Warming Center currently needs donations of the following:

  • Large trash bags
  • Disposable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils
  • Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar
  • Breakfast Bars
  • Instant Noodle/Cup of Noodles
  • Large backpacks and sleeping bags
  • New socks and warm gloves
  • Rain gear/ponchos/umbrellas

For those individuals needing immediate support, SLO Hotline is a confidential mental health support, crisis and suicide prevention telephone line which also provides mental health resource information. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (805)783-0607