Prado Day Center

Helping the homeless in SLO County Since 1997

It can be a helpless feeling to be homeless, yet thousands find themselves in this predicament annually in San Luis Obispo County. Fortunately, our compassionate community has found an effective way to provide daytime services to assist the homeless. Each day 90 to 100 homeless men, women and children come to Prado Day Center. Since September 1997, Prado Day Center has provided essential day-to-day services for homeless members of our community. Meals served by the People’s Kitchen, showers, laundry facilities and other vital services are available. The road of self-sufficiency is also aided with assistance for those seeking employment, housing referrals, social services, and enriching activities for the children.

Will you help us to improve the lives of San Luis Obispo County individuals, families, and children?

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